Sunday, January 16, 2011

A success story


We were pleased to recently learn that Anthony Cowin's story,  "What Doesn't 
Kill You," that was published right here on Spook City in November 2010, has been nominated for a readers' poll award at Preditors and Editors. 

Anthony's story is listed in the category of 'Best Horror Short Story Published 2010'. Well done!!

You can cast a vote for Anthony by following this link:  Scroll down to the aforementioned category where you'll see the title and author's name listed.  If you'd love to read Anthony's story again, you can find it here on Spook City: or by following the link next to Anthony's name on the poll site, which will bring you back to his post on Spook City.  All voting needs to be verified by email that is sent after your vote has been cast. The poll will remain open until 26th January 2011 and it would be great if you could get behind him by showing your support with a vote for Anthony Cowin.

We wish you well, Anthony, and hope you will grace us with more of your stories in the near future! Congratulations and good luck.

- The Editors of Spook City



  1. Thanks for the posting about this. I hope the voting brings more people onto the site helping it grow even bigger in 2011.



  2. That's tremendous news, Anthony. I'll certainly do my bit to help out. Congrats.

  3. been there, cast my vote, well deserved, Anthony and great that Spook City has promoted this for you! Good one, guys!

  4. Congrats at being nominated, Tony, and good luck!

    Ps. Cool site this - only discovered it because of Tony's story.

  5. Thanks for the votes and the comments everybody. It really is appreciated.