Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh, The Living

"OH, THE LIVING" - George Wilhite

They never leave well enough alone
The Living
This place has been ours for decades
Renovation, they say
There is nothing wrong with it
Now it is a place of commerce
Not a home
Security systems, annoying gadgets
And their ill-mannered offspring
Create disharmony
Time to strike back
This house is ours
We can play the poltergeist if pushed
Create some real discord
These Living won’t forget
We died far too young
And plan to be here a long time
This rude interruption
Of our chosen Eternity
Shall not be tolerated
Our friends and neighbors
Will gladly join in
Though such mischief
Gives us a bad reputation
It is a necessary evil
For the Living
Never learn

BIO: George Wilhite is the author of the short fiction collection On the Verge of Madness. His work has also appeared in numerous print publications and online at Yesteryear Fiction, MicroHorror, Eschatology Journal and The Fringe.



  1. A ghost who worries about its there's a thing! I get the feeling the consequences of human intrusion won't be very nice.

  2. Makes you think twice about renovating, doesn't it! Really enjoyed this spooky poem, George.