Friday, June 24, 2011

In the Dark

"IN THE DARK" - Alexis Grey

Somewhere in the dark
is a threat
with a talon
waiting for me to put a right step wrong
I hear its rattling breath
from the corner
where I cower
If I make a sound I know it won't be long
before it takes me over
rips my sinews
takes my soul
I must be very quiet, very strong
Soon it will be daybreak
through the window
of this hell hole
and I'll be safely back in light where I belong

BIO:  Alexis Grey lives in an old farm house in the New Zealand countryside where her imagination is free to take flight. She has had her poetry published in numerous anthologies and is currently working on a book of poetry for children.


  1. Oh how I have waited for daylight to come like this ! - well depicted. :]

  2. Great stuff Alexis

    Really well done ;-D