Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creaky Floors

"CREAKY FLOORS" - Vincent Daemon

I’m a ghost in chains
An invisible frame
And no one saw me die

Yet with those stares                           
I’m in the attic upstairs
Haunting all night long
An outsider fiend
A soul unredeemed
Humming a death-dirge song

Something sad happened here
The soul just won’t depart
Banging the boards
Of a crawlspace floor
Above which I fell apart

BIO: Vincent Daemon has appeared in the anthologies "Through The Eyes Of The Undead" and "Heavy Metal Horror." Other credits include the magazines Hazard Cat, Substance, Screams Of Terror, as well as being a regular contributor to the Freezine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction, that also released his apocalyptic horror punk novella "Waiting For The End." Vincent also performs in the musical deconstruction project, Youth Of 1945, as well as his own musical recordings. He can be reached at vdaemon13@gmail.com


  1. I really like this, generally not a poetry person(from lack of exposure) but this is full of great imagery. Fantastic job Vince!

  2. I did enjoy this chilling piece

    Thank you Vincent ;-D