Monday, December 5, 2011


BANSHEE" - Susanna Dunne

She cries through' the night
combing her long white hair
and it doesn't quite matter where, either
She'll not be too far away
to warn us that
Death is so very near.

Someone we love very dearly,
shall soon reach Heaven's Gates.
Her wailing and wailiiiiiiing
is ever so frightening!

it'll make our hearts beat
even faster.

Paler, we'll be.
Too scared to move a single muscle
Any hair upon our heads
will instantly stand to attention! Like soldiers.
Skins shall crawl sending shivering sensations
right through us
Feelings of terror! so, overwhelming.

Cats meowiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing so viciously

But she doesn't mind that does she?
they do keep her company after all.
It isn't a good idea to take a peek

out through our windows
if or when she may pay us an unwelcome visit
although it might only, be cats growling,
making quite a fuss outside our dwellings

But then this lady who wails
and cries like a child in the night
Yes, the Banshee.
Beware! Be very aware
try not be too tempted too take that peek
just to see if it is she, this creature
who roams in the dark.

Picking up that lonesome comb
With its missing teeth should be left well alone.
'Cause that indeed
wouldn't be a very wise thing to do
now would it?
or one may well regret it


BIO: London born Susanna moved to Ireland at the age of ten and is now married with four sons. She loves to write standard poetry, haiku, senyru and short stories.


  1. Susanna,
    I just saw your name here and found your work, well done:)))) I love this one, Meooooooow, you do horror so well. Love Maire x

  2. Hi Maire

    Many Sincere Thanks for reading also for very lovely comments ;-D I appreciate it Loads!;-D

    Am really Delighted that you enjoyed.

    Thanks Again Maire ;-D

  3. Nice one, Susanna. I'll be keeping those curtains well closed on these dark nights. Wooooohhhh!!!!!

  4. Hi Eamon

    I thank you Sincerly for reading also for comments ;-D I appreciate it loads! ;-D.

    It would be Indeed a good Idea. Keeping those certains closed.

    Just In case ;-D.

    Thanks again Eamon ;-D

  5. Love this Susannna ! Well done dear;)

  6. Hi Amy

    Many Sincere Thanks for reading also for lovely comments

    I appreciate it Loads! ;-D