Sunday, November 21, 2010


"COUNTDOWN" - Alexis Grey

Death’s clammy fist beats loudly upon my weather beaten and padlocked wooden door,
Its hoarse voice vibrates at my windows and disturbs the patterned teacups
shaking on shelves, rattling my false teeth in the bedside tumbler,
“Go away,” I sob feebly from beneath hand crocheted covers
where I remain tucked so securely in, curled up
tight, counting down the long black hours until
the shiny signs of daybreak come creeping
underneath slim cracks to chase away
the ominous clawed threat that
nightly calls on me
in the dark
when I’m

BIO:  Alexis Grey lives in an old farm house in the New Zealand countryside where her imagination is free to take flight. She has had her poetry published in numerous anthologies and is currently working on a book of poetry for children. 


  1. Lovely deft touch with the wording, Alexis, and terrific the way you've counted down the words, too.

  2. A clammy writing hand, indeed! Spoookeee...

    Nice one, Alexis!

  3. oh superb one, Alexis, cleverly done with a true horror message behind it!

  4. Very poignant and as Anna mentioned I also love the way you counted down the words.

    The theme is a timely reminder of how we could be more vigilant with our weaker or older neighbours who may have nobody else to check on them in this wintry weather.

  5. Food for thought for all of us in this Alexis. Lovely poem.
    - Ben Hubble