Saturday, November 20, 2010

Run, Mortal, Run

The first cab off the ranks in our eerie poetry department is this felicitous offering from Baz L. Zebub. We welcome Baz aboard and know you'll enjoy his scarily poetic voice.  

"RUN, MORTAL, RUN" - Baz L. Zebub

Deep within that darkest hour
When vampires leave their eerie towers,
Banshees’ howling fills the night,
The undead rise, a fearful sight…

You mortals scatter far and wide,
So desperate to find a hide,
Footsteps echo close behind,
Terror fills your tiny mind…

On you run, eyes wide with fear,
The swirling mist creeps ever near,
You slip and slide across the mud,
Shadows chasing for your blood…

Cross a bridge, through the trees,
You trip and fall on hands and knees,
Your lungs are burning, out of breath,
And all around, the stench of death…

Hear the moaning of the ghouls,
The wailing of tormented souls,
Feel the draught of leathered wings,
The touch of putrid, gruesome things…

Legs so heavy, on you lurch,
Sanctuary, a gothic church,
Stumble on toward the nave,
Stagger past an open grave…

Icy fingers grasp your legs,
You fall, you scream, you sob, you beg,
You kick and claw for all you’re worth
But can’t escape that pull to earth…

Then on your neck, the foetid hiss
Of Nosferatu’s deadly kiss,
The gargoyles grin and dip their heads,
They count... the seconds…‘til…you’re...dead...

BIO: You can read this poem again and much, much more on the very talented and mysterious B.L. Zebub's own blogsite by clicking here.  


  1. Loved it, Baz. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Frantic and heart-pounding stuff.

  2. Great fun Baz. "Then on your neck, the foetid hiss
    Of Nosferatu’s deadly kiss" - brilliant.

  3. 'Nosferatu’s deadly kiss,'

    Great line at the end of a very spooky poem. You could be the resident Poe around here.

  4. Me? Poe? Oh, no! Methinks, a long way to go!

    Gracious thanks for your kind comments, my friends - I am at once gladdened, and yet humbled...

    More will follow, in good time...

  5. This was really terrific, Baz. Many more where this came from I hope.
    - Ben Hubble

  6. Bravo Baz

    Really enjoyed ;-D