Saturday, December 4, 2010


"FOLLOWED" - Jamie Evans

Crushed. Snow.
Under. Foot.
White. Ground.
Black. Soot.
Chimney. Stacks.
Brick. Walls.
Creeping. Mist.
Voice. Calls.
Cold. Dread.

Turn. Around.
Empty. Street.
No. Sound.
Look. Away.
March. On.
Left. Right.
Light. Gone.
Dark. Night.
Frosty. Air.
Shadows. Move.
Shapes. Stare.
Shades. Lurk.
Beasts. Prowl.
Spirits. Wail.
Creatures. Howl.
Clawed. Hand.

Tight. Grip.
Frozen. Stone.
Feet slip.
Not. Alone.
Look. Back.
Silent. Scream.
Heart. Attack.

BIO: Jamie Evans is a writer, poet and general weirdo based in Cardiff, South Wales. Most of the things he writes are silly. He is currently working on a novel featuring a blind hedgehog and a mute worm, and his blog of general stuffery can be found here.


  1. Heart-racing poem, Jamie. Reminds me of footfalls and panting breath. Vivid.

  2. absolutely terrific, Jamie, love the pacing of this, never lets up with its hold on the reader.

  3. Brrrr... chilling! Loved the use of punctuation creating the feeling of pounding footsteps and thumping heartbeat.

  4. Super poem, Jamie. You've evoked an atmosphere with a frightening sense of chill.
    - Ben Hubble

  5. Hi Jamie

    I really enjoyed