Monday, December 6, 2010

The Gravestone

"THE GRAVESTONE" - Ron Koppelberger

They concealed themselves in the graveyard in passionate guises of glee. Hand in hand they waited for the busy streets to empty and the sodium lights to go dark. The shadows filled her eyes with shallow silhouettes as she gazed into her lover's face. He was suspiciously attentive and in the sensual throes of a thirsty endeavor.

They would make love on the crypt; cracked and ancient, it would consummate their love and secret admission of eternal romance, ghostly fervency and dark resolution.

Eventually, the bustle on the street subsided and the lights diminished. They made their way to the vaulted grave slowly picking their way through the various rows of markers and granite statues. The vault was elevated and the stone cover was broken on one corner.

They spread a silk cover over the top of the vault and in venerated gasps concluded their desires.

The vault shone alabaster and delicate intricacy afterward. Renewed, the vault was no longer cracked and the scent of attar filled the air.

The headstone read, “Mr. and Mrs. Semper Slaw resigned in passionate embrace for all of eternity.”

BIO: Ron is thrilled by acceptance, which so far includes England, Australia, Canada and Thailand. He has published 388 poems, 214 short stories and 59 pieces of art in over 101 periodicals, books and anthologies. He has been published in The Storyteller, Ceremony, Write On!!! (Poetry Magazette), Freshly Baked Fiction and Necrology Shorts and recently won the People’s Choice Award for poetry in The Storyteller for a poem titled Secret Sash. He is a member of The American Poet’s Society as well as The Isles Poetry Association. To view Ron's art on Facebook, follow the link:, click on profile and look under photo albums. Ron hopes you enjoy his work.


  1. Lovely mystical read, Ron. Pardon the pun, but a crypt consummation in spooky surroundings is a good plot!

  2. Really enjoyed this, Ron.
    - Ben Hubble

  3. Great piece Ron

    Thumbs Up