Monday, March 7, 2011

Senyru #2

"SENYRU #2" - Marion Clarke

curtain falls
final performance 

BIO: Currently back living with her family in her native Northern Ireland after thirteen years studying and working in France and England, Marion has had poetry and fiction published online and in print and non-fiction published in the UK trade press. She began studying and writing senyru and haiku two years ago and has become passionate about the form.


  1. I love the fact you have threaded the themes of the curtain being something that is a physical one that falls on coffins and the metaphorical one that falls on the last performance of life.

    How you did that and created a sense of falling darkness in a few words I don't know. Some feat indeed.

  2. Barbara Boyd-Anderson09 March, 2011 12:46

    Yes, that final curtain, dropping on that stage we call Life..Echoes of Shakespeare here, Marion..Beautifully written...

  3. Indeed, it is the final performance, and a hot act, at that. Well done, Marion.

  4. I've just seen all these lovely comments eight months after the event! Thanks folks.


  5. Hi Marion

    This gave me the chills

    As when I die I would like to be cremated.

    I love it all the same

    Your senyru also photo