Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chilling in the Morgue


I'm relaxing down the mortuary
I have a few old friends with me
My worries, now I haven’t any
I’m just chilling in the morgue

Lost a duel with a massive truck
I guess I just ran out of luck
Now my life’s no more, it sucks
So I’ll just chill out in the morgue

I came in just two days ago
Or maybe three, I don’t know
I’ve a tag upon my biggest toe
Now I’m chilling in the morgue

It’s not so bad, as life was hell
I wasn’t feeling very well
My body had this rotten smell
So I have to chill out in the morgue

With problems gone for now, at least
I can now just rest in peace
Things are cool when you’re deceased
When you’re chilling in the morgue

BIO:  Dean writes quirky songs and poetry as a hobby and is delighted to list over 350 various radio stations and podcasts on which his works have been played. His poetry has been published in horror mags and Trembles & Scream Magazines. “The Monsters Ball" song became the opening theme tune to an internet TV Show series titled "Late Night at The Horror Hotel " which was produced by Horror Shop Films. Dean’s song "666" topped the UK Unsigned artist top 40. You can find more of Dean’s songs here: and read his poetry here:

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