Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More than a feeling


Have you ever seen a movement out the corner of your eye?
Or heard a whisper somewhere near but couldn’t work out why?
Have you felt the sweep of fingertips, brush across your hair?
But when you’ve spun about you’ve found there’s really nothing there?

Have you sometimes walked into a room, and felt a sudden chill?
You check the windows for a draft but the air is calm and still,
And yet you feel a presence there, a sense you're not alone,
and you try to shake the feeling you're not completely on your own.

Perhaps you’ve paused atop the stairs, once or twice - or more
Before you’ve turned the key that lead you through the cellar door?
Do you lie in bed at night; stare at shadows on the wall,
But convince yourself you’re seeing things, that there’s nothing there at all?

So often after midnight, do you wake up with a start?
Then strain your ears for any noise, with your hand across your heart?
Or peer into the hallway, holding tight to every breath,
Just in case there’s something out there that will scare you half to death?

Yes you do, I know you do, I’ve seen you late at night,
Trembling under blankets and clutching pillows tight,
You think your house is haunted by, a spirit you can’t see,
And yes you’re right, I know you’re right, because that ghost is me

Don't expect the rocking chair to cease moving by itself
Or books of yours to rest quietly, undisturbed upon the shelf
Floors will creak and mirrors fog, of this you needn't doubt
Because I'm here to stay no matter what; you'll never ever chase me out

BIO: Anna Harris lives in Australia and has prose and poetry of varying genres published in her home country as well as in the USA and the United Kingdom.

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  1. Uh oh - I always suspected there was something lurking in the shadows.